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New Yorker Festival Action on Craigslist, and Free Jeffrey Frank

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There are still New Yorker Festival tickets available, so act fast! Not to mention a busy trade in festival events going on at Craigslist. As they say in The Scarlet Letter, “We must not always talk in the marketplace of what happens to us in the forest,” and vice versa. That said, give up now on getting into “Come Hungry”—you must remain hungry for another year, I’m afraid. Read some of Trillin’s books instead; they’ll fill you up!

Meanwhile, Lilit at Save the Assistants has a snappy account of her interview with New Yorker editor Jeffrey Frank. They’re even giving away a couple of copies of his new novel, Trudy Hopedale. Read on.


Attn Emdashes staff! the lastest issue
of The Advocate has an interview with
New Yorker cartoonist William Haefeli, that
is quite interesting. Can it be linked to this

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