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Some weeks all one is capable of, blog-wise, as Jack Lemmon would say, is short, be-linked bursts. This is one of those weeks, my friend.

A beautiful design for a New Yorker party.

Goody! Jesse Thorn at The Sound of Young America—the eerily gifted young radio host who’s been taking WNYC by storm—has interviewed George Saunders again.

Marisa Acocella Marchetto interviewed. Have you read her book Cancer Vixen yet? It’s astonishingly powerful, and funny, too.

Who will save the Saul Steinberg boat mural? I repeat: who?

Some wonderful old-cartoon tidbits, courtesy of Mike Lynch.

If you’re still bobbing for Dylans after I’m Not There, dig Theme Time Radio Hour, the best show anywhere. Thanks, Bill, for this WaPo story about the sandpaper-smooth DJ with a nose for goofy trivia and a weakness for women’s names.

Is text-messaging the solution for administrations dealing with crises like the one at Virginia Tech? It might be.

Just because, the His Girl Friday screenplay.

“Interesting mention of TNY’s fiction,” writes Carolita, and she’s right.

Speaking of writers for the magazine, I reviewed Paul Hoffman’s new book about lives spent puzzling out heady and confounding strategies in chess games and in families (for Newsday); it’s called King’s Gambit: A Son, a Father, and the World’s Most Dangerous Game.


I really enjoyed reading the Saul Steinberg story out of Texas. I hope the mural can be saved.

It reminds me of (possible) urban myth in the old New Yorker art department in the former offices on 44th (or 43rd if you like). I was told a couple of times that there are walls there covered in cartoons from contributors from the 1930s to 1980s. Has anyone else heard of this? Is there a room with Thurber, Arno, Addams originals drawn on the walls?

Framed and hanging in the current offices are a few Thurber drawings on slabs of plaster from the old offices. I was told the previous landlord claimed ownership but lost the argument. I don’t know if any more were left behind.

I have seen them! Too bad they couldn’t just transfer the wall intact.

John, how long has your D.C. discussion group been going on?

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