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Very Nice-Looking Canadian Magazine Has Very Familiar Inspiration

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A Toronto-based magazine called Taddle Creek, which accepts submissions only from people who live in Toronto, just wended its way into my office, because that’s the kind of thing that we get around here. This is the 2007 “Christmas number,” and while there are some McSweeney’s-esque notes here and there, the magazine’s guiding visual inspiration appears to be The New Yorker (although TC seems to print considerably more full-page comics). And I approve, of course. More evidence of this to come when I’m up to scanning, and if you’re lucky enough to live in Toronto, well then, you can submit—but read the guidelines first, or woe betide you! The staff is especially adamant about the outdated yet insidious habit of putting two spaces after periods. Thank you, Taddlers. And happy anniversary—I learn from your website that you are ten. Emdashes, being only three, salutes you.

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