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Cartoonists, Rejected! Accepted! Interviewed!

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New Yorker cartoonists Matt Diffee and Carolita Johnson, respectively editor of and contributor to the latest Rejection Collection book, were on the radio this morning talking about the book and cartooning generally; you can read more about it on Carolita’s blog, one of my favorite sites on the Thingosphere. Diffee also spoke to NPR in November about all things rejected and collected.

Semi-incidentally, I also notice a Steve Martin interview lurking in the margins there. Nice work, webmasters!

I recently interviewed Diffee at some length myself, for Print, my noble and sassy (it’s true) home base. Want to stick it to the nattering nabobs of new-media naysaying? Buy a beautiful subscription to the magazine whose name sums up everything you love about those words and images you don’t have to squint at onscreen and can even read on the subway without becoming a miniaturist. It’s a fabulous and thoughtful gift, not to mention a steal!

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