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How Much Do They Pay Her If Obama Wins?

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In this political season, we note with interest that former New Yorker editor and recent Princess Diana memoirist has signed a deal with Doubleday to write a book about the Clintons. Her last book was called The Diana Chronicles; this one is tentatively titled The Clinton Chronicles. Judging from the title, we may have another Sue Grafton on our hands! (I’d certainly pay to read her Rick James Chronicles or Chuck Norris Chronicles.)

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. On the one hand, Brown was uniquely qualified to write a book about Diana, and she really came through on all levels. One doesn’t know if she has the same access to the Clinton story or even to what extent she is a political animal. However, The Diana Chronicles did prove that she has considerable talent in entertainingly synthesizing huge amounts of information on heavily covered (I almost wrote “chronicled”) subjects. And, as I noted in June, she’s already been giving Hillary Clinton a bit of thought.

—Martin Schneider


One could make an “I didn’t inhale” mashup to the tune of “The Chronic—what?—cles of Clintonia”…

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