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CJR Presents Hamill on Liebling: Listen In!

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Martin Schneider writes:

A. J. Liebling is one of those storied writers from The New Yorker’s past whose work I keep meaning to read more of. Fortunately, on the occasion of the release of the Library of America’s A. J. Liebling: World War II Writings, the Columbia Journalism Review got Pete Hamill, who edited the book, to make the case, at typically vigorous length, that I should do that sooner rather than later.

Here’s an audio file of the event, which was held last Tuesday at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. (It’s a .mov file, but it is audio-only.) For the aspiring journalists out there, the discussion includes essential tips in the strategic use of bearded Norwegians in the fine art of finding a job. The presentation gets extra points for name-checking St. Clair McKelway.

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