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True Debating Wit in All Thy Sons Command

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Martin Schneider writes:

In October, reporting on the first annual New Yorker Debate, I wrote:
If the Member from Gopnik and the Member from Gladwell (as the convention required they call each other) don’t collectively become a 100 percent Canadian staple of the Festival, then the world just doesn’t make sense. Attention, programmers! I want to see these two debate a year from now! Got it? Good.
Over at the Millions, I see that my appeal has apparently stirred the imagination of someone at Maclean’s, only Canada’s most prominent newsweekly magazine, because Gladwell and Gopnik are taking their act on the road—to Toronto!

The subject is “Canada: Nation or Notion?” The debate is taking place this Sunday, March 30, at 4 p.m. at Convocation Hall, University of Toronto, 31 King’s College Circle.

Tickets are still available! I’m supposed to use the ticket price of $30 Canadian ($15 for Maclean’s subscribers) as an excuse to make fun of Canada’s currency, but China will sell us to Canada before that joke becomes fashionable again. (Speaking of which, A.G., feel free to use M.G.’s suggestion that the United States purchase Canada against him in the debate—I’m sure the audience will have no problem with that idea!)

Unless I’m mistaken, Gladwell and Gopnik are rapidly gaining ground on such unforgettable duos as Stadler and Waldorf, The Captain & Tennille, and Sodom and Gomorrah.

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