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In a Battle Between the Hulk and Superman

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…the Hulk would win, according to a charming and confident young man of ten I met yesterday in a brief tour of the Comic Con, where I focused on book publishers and sightings, as with a bird book, of Gothic Lolitas, hipster dads, and redheaded gentlemen. I was hoping to get a chance to see Caroline Kelly (animator, artist, and daughter of Walt), whom the Fantagraphics folks said was nearby, but I had to skedaddle.

Back to the contest above. I’m very far from being an expert in this field, but as I asked the young man in question, why would Superman bother with the Hulk in the first place? And would the Hulk be smart enough to bring Kryptonite?

Which leads me to the next point, which is, don’t miss Nancy Franklin’s recent piece on The Hills and other dwelling places of muscular but dim specimens of easily enraged, tightly clothed, questionably gifted, and sometimes amusing humankind.

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