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It's Summer Intern Time at Emdashes; Apply Today!

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The last time we advertised for an intern, we got the incredibly talented John Bucher, who did his noble service and is now a contributing writer. I have no doubt he’ll go far.

Now, however, we must look to the future. If you’re a serious reader of The New Yorker, have a solid grasp of and appreciation for English syntax and punctuation, know at least enough HTML to get by, and have a bit of experience with blogging (even if you’re just an avid reader of blogs), and would like an unpaid but often entertaining position learning more about all of the above and doing some research and writing, please get in touch with Emily care of emdashes.com. You need not live in New York, but it would be a plus if you did.


For what it’s worth, I heartily recommend Emdashes as an internship destination. I’d be inclined to do it again, but I’m now working as a digital editor, a job for which the internship was fine preparation.

More than it is great line on your CV (which it is), Emdashes is a place to get edited by Emily, who’s got a feel for and interest in writing like few people around.

John, you’re a peach. And look at you—you’re a big success now! I won’t take credit, since it’s all due to your natural gifts.

And this is a good opportunity to say that I’m only accepting applications for one more day, through May 15, because I’ve received a bunch of terrific ones already, and accepted more than one intern for the summer. So, last chance is tomorrow, Thursday, and I look forward to hearing from you, future (if you’re really good) John Buchers!

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