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Google, Apple Bat Eyelashes at New Yorker

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As well they should, really. Occasionally people ask me if I’m a “media watchdog.” In this context, no—I gave at the office. Maybe more like a watch Golden Retriever, or possibly Norton Juster’s Tock. Anyway, Google’s new wikiblogthing, Knol, gives users a way to legally use New Yorker cartoons in posts (“authors are allowed to use one cartoon from The New Yorker magazine per article”), and its inventor, Udi Manber, is a major fan of the cartoons in The New Yorker. What’s more, one of the new iPhone ads features the magazine’s website, showing off how nice it looks in that shiny, happy, my-birthday-is-September-12 device. I saw another iPhone demo recently in which March of the Pengins played a prominent role, and how perfect are those penguins and their ice for the iPhone screen? We will ignore, for the time being, the fact that both birds and habitat are likely doomed, because we (meaning I, in this case) were Appleized from too early an age to ever rethink different, so there.

Thanks to everyone who’s written to me about these news items today! By all means, keep sending us any relevant tips you come across; we can’t read our Google Alerts all day, because there are just too freaking many of them, and besides, the wisdom of crowds!

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