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Mankoff Denies Knowledge of Lithgow, Claims Nobel Prize

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Martin Schneider writes:

Something in the New York Observer that does not go by the name of "Transom" has a nice piece by Leon Neyfakh about Bob Miller's new HarperStudio project, that remarkably ambitious effort to jettison the outdated publishing techniques of large advances and the practice of taking on remaindered copies you might have heard about. (I'm all for this stuff, by the way.)

In the piece, we learn that:

The most eye-catching title on the list is probably the collection of short, unpublished humor pieces by Mark Twain, which will be out in April. Other notable books in the mix: a memoir by 3rd Rock From the Sun star John Lithgow, a history of humor by New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff, and a Toni Morrison-edited collection called Burn This Book, about "the power of the word," that will feature pieces by her, Salman Rushdie, Orhan Pamuk, David Grossman, and others.

Emdashes salutes Mankoff's third billing in this paragraph (beat out Morrison!) and eagerly awaits the book; it sounds like a pip.

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