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The New Yorker Pays Tribute to David Foster Wallace

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Martin Schneider writes:

On the New Yorker website, fiction editor Deborah Treisman contributes a thoughtful postscript about David Foster Wallace. I particularly like that Treisman discusses Wallace from her perspective as a fiction editor. He made ample reference in his footnotes to his bouts of intractability when it came to having his work edited, and the glimpses Treisman permits us into that process sound very consistent with that.

Wallace's four works published in The New Yorker are also available:
"Several Birds," June 27, 1994
"An Interval," January 30, 1995
"Asset," June 21, 1999
"Good People," February 5, 2007


Thanks for this, Martin. You’re right: the glimpse into Deborah Treisman offers into Wallace’s attitudes about the craft and his own work is revealing, and different from anything else I’ve seen.

I will say, though, that I’m surprised any of his work appeared on Treisman’s watch. I’ll have to check it out.

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