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The dust has settled, and the wide reach of another successful Festival has been registered in the only place that really matters, little differently colored words that you can click on.

A Party of One on the whole weekend
Places to Go, People to Meet on the whole weekend
I Love New York on the whole weekend, with SuperMom cameo (I love this post)
Con C De Arte on the whole weekend (in Spanish!)
The Oregonian seems impressed with the Festival
Eat the Press on the political humor panel
Eat the Press on the campaign trail
Eat the Press on the poltiical reporting panel
Eat the Press on the political strategy panel
Eat the Press on Stephen Colbert
Back of the Room on Stephen Colbert
Citizen Sugar on Stephen Colbert
The Geek Prospectus on Stephen Colbert and Art Spiegelman
If Liz Were Queen on Donna Brazile (this event probably got the most reaction in the blogosphere)
Jezebel on Elizabeth Edwards
Benny’s World on Elizabeth Edwards
Irish Voice on Roddy Doyle and Anne Enright
Paper Magazine on the “Next Generation in Fashion” panel
Stilettos on Cobblestone on the “Next Generation in Fashion” panel
Emdashes friend Newyorkette at the Festival
Joe Trippi on the political strategy panel that he was on
Ta-Nehisi Coates on the political reporting panel that he was on (nice moment involving Remnick too)
The Apiary on the political humor panel
Francsesco Explains It All on the political humor panel
The Litter in Littérateur on the political strategy panel
Straight Chuter on Lynne Cox and Greg Child (and a few other events)
Gawker twits Peggy Noonan
Dancing Perfectly Free on Alexei Ratmansky
Elizabeth Reed on Alexei Ratmansky
The One Ring, obsessively, on Guillermo del Toro
Newley Purnell quotes a pithy Elmore Leonard nugget
Matthew Klam’s sister is excited
Politics and Prose on Jeffrey Eugenides and Jhumpa Lahiri
Ivy Gate on the American Dream
Blah Blog Blah on the American Dream
Blah Blog Blah on Ian Frazier and Mark Singer
You: On My Blog engages in a bit of namedropping
BizBash disliked the corporate tone of the weekend
Your Blog About Town on Alice Munro
City Life and the Social Worker on the Town Hall
D.B. Burroughs on Clint Eastwood and the Young Shakespearians
MegExpressions on the political strategy forum and the Young Shakespeareans
Irish Stage in NYC on Seamus Heaney
Lodge Porch on Chuck Hagel
The Autograph News has footage of Matt Groening … signing his name.
The Village Voice on Lynda Barry and Matt Groening
Tim’s Family Journal on Paul Rudd
Carpathian Kitten Loss on Paul Rudd (with excellent picture)
Sequenza21 on Dawn Upshaw (with encouraging anecdote about Festival press tickets)
Celebrity Baby Blog on Mary-Louise Parker (more interesting than you might expect)
FOX News (yes) on Oliver Stone
Rundagerously on Murakami (with prominent Emdashes plug)
NY Times on Calvin Trillin, “Come Hungry”


Wow, fabulous collection, Martin! I’ll feel like I was there! Oh, wait, I was there…Twittering.

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