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Surowiecki Blog Debuts; Market Plunges

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Martin Schneider writes:

You know it’s a good day when James Surowiecki announces he’s starting a blog version of his consistently insightful “Financial Page” column. Only a little more than a day and already there are five meaty posts up there. He wittily notes that the debut of that column precipitated a reversal in the market in 2000, so we hope for more of that.


Is there any way to subscribe to just this blog? Clicking the RSS widget that pops up in my browser subscribes me to all the NYer blogs, which I don’t want; if you go to the NYer’s list of feeds (http://www.newyorker.com/services/rss/summary), clicking on “The Finanical Page” appears to only subscribe you to the actual print column. Grr!

Hey Josh! If you click on the RSS link in the sidebar above the fold, or any of the “subscribe” buttons at the bottom of that sidebar, you get Jim’s feed. I’m glad you asked, because now I’m going to subscribe to it.

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