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The Wavy Rule, a Daily Comic by Paul Morris: ...Something Completely Different

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Paul writes about today’s cartoon:

Is it just me, or is the American public not angry enough about this whole bailout? What we need is an Eric Praline-like character, high-pitched and indignant, to go before the President, or Congress, or both, and ask what in bleedin’ hell is going on: “Look, it’s people like you what cause unrest.” A letter to America attributed to John Cleese is now considered to be apocryphal, but nevertheless makes interesting reading. As a Sarvik.com article called “Between Iraq and a Hard Place” has pointed out, “since the bank rescue package will not include assistance for The People, and because society at large will demand assistance for them as well, bigger government or/and higher taxes to stimulate the system through public works are inevitable in one form or another. Increased taxation is the domain of Democrats, and that’s why they will ultimately win the 2008 Presidential election. The Republicans won’t want to confuse their reputation by being forced to create another New deal administration, as it will make it extremely difficult in future to campaign on a platform of conservatism and small government.”

Also, check out Cleese’s official site! And click on the cartoon to enlarge it!

wavyrule_deadparrot_paul morris.png

More by Paul Morris: “The Wavy Rule” archive; “Arnjuice,” a wistful, funny webcomic; a smorgasbord at Flickr; and beautifully off-kilter cartoon collections for sale (and free download) at Lulu.


Love it. Only you would make an analogy between the U.S. economy and a dead parrot!

Most woody.

That said I found the lack of a comma prior to ‘and’ in the second sentence of the reputed Cleese letter a telling sign that it was in fact written by someone else. Such a damning invective would at the very least be thoroughly checked for grammar and spelling errors.

After all, he is very, very, very, very rich.

Excellent, Paul! Keep up your great cartoons!

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