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The Wavy Rule, a Daily Comic by Paul Morris: Cup of Joe

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Paul writes: Will McCain plant another “common man” amongst the crowd to grill Obama? Click on the cartoon to enlarge it!


A great cartoon, Paul, and an apt question. Today we find in McCain’s campaign a new Joe, who refused to give his name, calling Obama a Muslim and a Communist and managing to offend everybody!

Hilarious. I’m always amazed at how the Republicans are so much better than the Democrats at creating and using “common man” (or woman) stories in a political way. Seems like the Democrats should be past masters at that. Then again, maybe the Dems need to have Joe the Rich Guy heckle McCain …

Thanks, Benjamin! The whole “Joe the Plumber” came off as rather clumsy (and desperate) Republican strategizing to me. They should have vetted him before unleashing him on the public as a Joe Sixpack-Mr. Regular Guy-No-nonsense kind of figure. The McCain campaign is coming off as rather haphazard, frenzied, and disorganized. And if he wins, his administration will be haphazard, frenzied, and disorganized. I have no doubt about that.

I love the palette of this one, Paul.

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