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Obama Is My Flickr Friend

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Perhaps even more remarkable than these moving photos of the Obamas and co. on election night is that the future president is now on my Flickr contacts list. He’s male and taken! —E.G.



There is something so consonant with his forward-looking campaign about BHO using Flickr to release these, it sends the right message in about five different ways.

There’s a good story in Slate about whether Obama can channel his social-networking genius into his future presidential web presence.

That is a good story! I’ve already sent it to a few of my friends (people I know IRL! hehe). I remember reading a long time ago that Obama wanted to apply “iPod logic” to the government, like e.g. the DMV. If he can harness civic energy in the same way, that’d be something. The reality is that if his efforts are a tenth as successful as he might be projecting, that would already represent a massive injection of vitality into the public sphere. In other words, it doesn’t have to be Facebook to be awesome; it just has to be the place you go when you want to find out if there’s something you can do. And the upside is, it could be Facebook too.

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