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Terra Irviniana: Filboid Studge Visits

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Pollux writes:

Everyone loves Rea Irvin, including the good people at Filboid Studge.
We are happy to see a new interest in Irvinian studies, and the site has a great gallery of artwork by the man who gave us Eustace Tilley, the New Yorker typeface, multitudinous New Yorker covers and cartoons, and “The Smythes.” Filboid Studge will be doing an ongoing series on Tilley, and we are looking forward to reading more, so that we may possibly add a new wing to the HQ of the organization co-founded by our very own Emily, the Rea Irvin Institute of Research, not to be confused with the Rea Irvin Research Institute (splitters!). Filboid Studge’s Part One covers 1908 to 1914, so they have a few more decades to cover.

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