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The People Have Tweeted: New Yorker Gets a Solid Thumbs-Up!

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Martin Schneider writes:

We're all accustomed to the perspective that The New Yorker is too precious, too pretentious, too serious, too self-absorbed, too too. We run into it all the time, it's a balloon that seemingly demands puncture. People fall over themselves, clutching a needle.

It's therefore instructive to enter "new yorker" as a search term on Twitter and see what people actually think.

Lot of enthusiasm out there. A lot.

It's got to be about 5 positive comments for every dis. Maybe more than that. A few comments, chosen more or less at random:

i_Walt: Reading "The New Yorker" and listening to Verdi's "Don Carlo." Go out tonight? You must be joking.
abartelby: I need the latest New Yorker to read Ariel Levy's essay but I don't want to go out in the freezing rain so can someone please bring it over?
Sarahw224: I miss my new yorker already. Perhaps drawing room tonight or...........el prado?
subliminabubble: @mayaseiden i can't even remember life before the new yorker! i've been reading it all day. thank you so much again!

I actually forget sometimes how much people love this magazine. It takes something as arbitrary as this to remind me.

Oh and also: people are having some trouble spelling Rahm Emanuel's name.


I hope and pray that the New Yorker survives the “paper crunch” that so many other print magazines and newspapers are not.

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