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Martin Schneider writes:

It's about time we added to that Britney Spears keyword up there. Click it, you'll see she's come up before.

(This content is taken directly from the left nav bar on the magazine's website.)

James Surowiecki overhears someone wishing they'd bought Citigroup.

Steve Coll considers Clay Shirky's take on the collapse of newspapers.

Elizabeth Kolbert on who's donating to climate-change deniers.

Evan Osnos marvels at which American movies make it to China.

News Desk: Pre-register for the New Yorker Summit.

Hendrik Hertzberg on why Paul Krugman is right about Europe's economy.

The Front Row: Almodóvar's latest, "Nightmare Alley."

George Packer recommends a photography exhibit of the war in Congo.

Sasha Frere-Jones sees Britney Spears and feels like he's at a theme restaurant.

The Book Bench: Millard Kaufman, collecting trees, Paul Muldoon to music.

The Cartoon Lounge: Dispatches from SXSW.

Goings On: The N.C.A.A. Men's Basketball tournament, a John Lennon biopic.

Ask the Author: Submit a question to Keith Gessen about the Politkovskaya murder trial.

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