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Martin Schneider writes:

Last week, a reader named Sandra wrote in to praise Ben Greenman's flight of fancy: "This fake American Idol roundup is one of the best things I have ever read. Stunning." Thanks for the alert, Sandra—we can always use them!

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Steve Coll feels bureaucracy nostalgia.

James Surowiecki watches a Domino's commercial, quotes Lenin.

George Packer looks at the Florida real estate crash...of 1929.

The Front Row: Richard Brody explains why A. O. Scott is wrong about neo-neorealism.

Elizabeth Kolbert on who's donating to climate-change deniers.

Evan Osnos on Ralph Macchio and the Beijing dance-fight scene.

News Desk: The White House kitchen garden.

Hendrik Hertzberg on why Paul Krugman is right about Europe's economy.

Sasha Frere-Jones recommends turning back to bass this weekend.

The Book Bench: Ann Goldstein remembers John Updike, a Scottish Armada.

The Cartoon Lounge: Dispatches from SXSW.

Goings On: American Idol does Hair, a quarter-century of Atomic Records.

Ask the Author: Submit a question to Keith Gessen about the Politkovskaya murder trial.

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