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New Yorker Blog Roundup: 03.31.09

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Martin Schneider writes:

(This content is taken directly from the left nav bar on the magazine's website.)

Evan Osnos wonders about China's new Tibetan holiday.

George Packer finds out that Ulysses S. Grant enjoyed spanking.

James Surowiecki thinks it makes sense to treat automakers differently than banks.

Steve Coll and the stimulus go back to nature.

Hendrik Hertzberg says the Denver Post suffers from state chauvinism.

The Front Row: "Katyn" and the Holocaust.

News Desk: Guns lead to no good.

Sasha Frere-Jones hosts a roundtable about Haitian music.

The Book Bench: Anne Carson in Iceland.

The Cartoon Lounge: The supremacy of string.

Goings On: The Vaselines reunite. So what?

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