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Martin Schneider writes:

One of my favorite political blogs goes by the somewhat unwieldy name BAGnewsNotes. The M.O. of Michael Shaw, who runs the site, is to interpret visual imagery in the political arena as an English major might dissect a poem. The symbolism of a hand gesture in an Associated Press photo of Hillary Clinton; a Newsweek cover that seems to say more than it intends; the inadvertent bestowal of a halo on the pate of President Obama, that sort of thing. It's delightful, and after a while it gets you seeing news photos in a completely different way.

Sometimes, Shaw lets his readers have the first crack at the interpretation; so it was, today, with the current cover of The New Yorker. (I think I agree with "DennisQ" so far...) Have a look and add your thoughts, if you wish.


Hold on, this isn’t our Michael Shaw, is it??

I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

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