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Garry Trudeau Twitters, Talks (About Town), Takes a Moment to Tweflect

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Emily Gordon writes:

1. Garry “Doonesbury” “Awesome” “Of Whom I Am a Lifelong Fan” Trudeau started Twittering as his self-absorbed, intrepid newsman character Roland Hedley.

2. Trudeau writes (or excerpts, or compiles) a Talk of the Town with some choice tweets from Hedley’s mystic journey to the G-20 Summit.

3. Mediabistro’s TVNewser interviews Trudeau about the whole twemonenon.

4. Starting words with “tw” is still funny, and maybe, like saying “www dot” to start a funny word or phrase to ironically convey its currency, it always will be.


I admire your preemptive defense of these tweologisms!

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