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President Obama Throws Googly, Is Reading Joseph O'Neill's "Netherland"

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Martin Schneider writes:

At least according to David Leonhardt in the New York Times. A few quick reactions.

1. I'm reading it too! I'm almost done (bet that overachiever Obama beats me to the end, though—I'm savoring). I'm fairly certain it's the first time that the president and I are reading the same novel at the same time. Did Clinton read Kurt Andersen's Turn of the Century? I didn't read any Zane Grey during the Bush years....

2. I admire Obama's taste. I've run into a few people on Twitter and elsewhere calling Netherland overrated, but surely it's a quality piece of work, even if one feels that it's been overpraised. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it yet, but then again, I'm not done yet. Leaning towards thumbs-up, though. What did you make of it?

3. I wonder how much Obama knows about cricket. I know next to nothing.

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