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Steve Coll Blogs the Stimulus and Earns Our Admiration

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Martin Schneider writes:

Shortly after the Stimulus Bill was passed in February, Steve Coll began a project of reading through the entire legislation and blogging about it at newyorker.com. This website has ignored that worthy development for far too long, and now, almost as if to remind us to post about it, Coll has done an invaluable "diavlog" with Michael Grabell of ProPublica, which is also covering the stimulus in great detail.

The stimulus bill is one of those subjects that probably a great many people wish they knew more about; probably far too many of us are exposed to media speculation over the politics instead of actual analysis of the bill's real-world effects. If that describes you, I think the diavlog dialogue is an excellent starting point for further investigation. If nothing else, it will introduce you to a handful of overriding themes, as well as act as a prod to read the coverage Coll and Grabell are providing elsewhere.

On that subject, if you haven't been reading Coll's stimulus updates, we provide a public service of linking you to Coll's "Blogging the Stimulus" posts. But we'll go that extra step further and link to each of the posts, to provide that little bit of overview that might make it easier for some to dive in.

March 2, 2009: "Blogging the Stimulus Bill"
March 4, 2009: "Notes on Agriculture"
March 6, 2009: "The Census-Taker Full Employment Act"
March 6, 2009: "Policing the Recovery"
March 9, 2009: "Where No Stimulus Has Gone Before"
March 11, 2009: "Cooling Off Soldiers"
March 19, 2009: "Microloans for Unemployed Journalists?"
March 23, 2009: "Made in the Homeland"
March 31, 2009: "Old School Stimulus"
April 3, 2009: "Role Models"
April 13, 2009: "Smart Medicine"
April 17, 2009: "Schooling the Stimulus"
April 21, 2009: "Investing in Soldiers"

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