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Roger Angell Beats Jeffrey Toobin to Sotomayor by Fourteen Years

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Martin Schneider writes:

One of the few things we know about President Obama's recently announced nominee for the Supreme Court, Yankees fan Sonia Sotomayor, is that she played an important role in the resolution of the baseball strike of 1994-1995 (glad I was living abroad for that stretch; I barely noticed it). She issued the injunction against the baseball owners after ruling that their actions against the players' union had violated federal law. As Avil Zenilman noted, that happenstance bit of notoriety caused Roger Angell to mention her name in the magazine, twice, in 1995:

"Comment: Mind Game," April 10, 1995, p. 5
"Called Strike" May 22, 1995, p. 46

Jeffrey Toobin, who mentioned Sotomayor back in February, is catching up fast, though:
"After Ginsburg"
"The Arc of Justice"

Amy Davidson has also written about Sotomayor several times since the announcement of Justice Souter's retirement:
"Uncharitable Judgments"
"Insults and Impunity"
"A Deep Bench"
"Saving the Season"

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