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Take Part in the Tom Swifties Competition at Schott's Blog!

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Martin Schneider writes:

Yesterday morning Ben Schott kicked off a Tom Swifties competition at the New York Times website. It didn't take me long to get quite swept up in the fun of composing them (I'd never really tried before), and apparently I'm not alone. A mere 36 hours later and there are nearly two thousand comments to the post.

Here are the ones I contributed (a few are pretty groan-worthy):

"Margaret Thatcher is the blame of this country's problems," said Nigel accusatorily.
"I'm going to carve an object out of this branch," said Tom wittily.
"My favorite architect is from Spain," said Tony gaudily.
"This list of great albums from the 1980s is missing Centerfold," said Jay guilelessly.
"It is very important that we complete this dam," Tom badgered the audience.
"These dumplings are delicious," said Tom wantonly.
"I don't really see the need for automobile insurance," said Tom recklessly.
"Sis boom bah!" shouted Tom cheerfully.
"Which way is the ladies' room?" asked Tom gently.
"I'd be interested in parting with the Minnesota Twins' stadium at the right price," the businessman said seldom.
"How am I going to affix this leaflet to this corkboard?" asked Tom tactlessly.
"I would never be able to find Italy on a map," said Luigi bootlessly.

If nothing else, the competition may give our fecund Pollux ideas for a few delightful strips.

If you post any, by all means post them here as well!

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