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Infinite Summer: Location 3158

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Martin Schneider writes:

Note: I'm participating in Infinite Summer, the widespread Internet book project dedicated to reading David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest. For more information, consult my introduction. My strategy has been to avoid lengthy commentary but instead list quintessentially Wallacean vocabulary and note other oddities, including Kindle typos.

Pretty far behind (12%!), but that's okay. I've got some airport time still ahead of me in the summer.

I really loved the 3 NOVEMBER Y.D.A.U. chapter with all the Big Buddy meetings.

location 2023: D.T. as a verb
location 2031: skallycaps
location 2038: Ewell's room's window's air conditioner
location 2068: candidiatic
location 2078: Bröckengespenst, what is it with DFW and umlauts? Word does not take an umlaut!
location 2102: to in truth do this, flagrant split infinitive, nice
location 2114: His tone of his voice, eesh
location 2133: raggers
location 2151: specular
location 2189: uremic-hued
location 2192: locomotival
location 2193: pedalferrous
location 2201: teratogenic
location 2256: clear, typo (from original print edition)
location 2285: acutance
location 2324: ephebes
location 2381: semion
location 2391: zygomatics
location 2433: carminative
location 2475: woppsed-up towel
location 2510: sbetrayal, Kindle typo
location 2559: Steeply ... used silent pauses as integral parts of his techniques of interface. James Fallows has shown a great interest in this aspect of interrogation.
location 2566: lume
location 2597: osteoporotically
location 2598: foot-work, Kindle error, taking syllabification hyphen to be in the word
location 2599: waist-level, unusual place for hyphen
location 2615: bow-biters
location 2659: E Unibus Pluram, title of DFW essay is jarring; has anyone suggested these kids are too erudite?
location 2686: ballet de se, apparently idiosyncratic French
location 2778: obtrudes
location 2848: guilloche
location 2871: stickery
location 2933: Mario's joke is genuinely hilarious.
location 3011: murated
location 3015: why's he's, typo (from original print edition)

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