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We're Liberal and We Drink Vinegar

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Jonathan Taylor writes:

Michael Savage is right. Vinegar is "like wine." (It's a trick!) I recently received, as a thoughtful gift, a "drinking vinegar" from Gegenbauer, a fine Viennese producer of vinegars (as well as whole grains and coffees), via Philadelphia's DiBruno Bros. This one is made from the Pedro Ximénez grape, used to make sherries and raisin wines. It is appley and brisk, with enough acidity to induce a challenging euphoria resembling that of capsicum, but, at 3%, not enough, in fact, to technically be categorized a vinegar. This "Noble Sour" is, pace Savage, "special," an after-dinner drink with a world-clarifying potency that an alcoholic digestive could not provide. I wouldn't be surprised if it's already on menus in Savage's San Francisco, and it has a place on more. Don't anybody tell him about saba .


How are you ever going to attract the “beer-track” voters with a post like this? Even Obama’s drinking Bud Light…..

The New Yorker’s profiles usually make pretty good reading. Bill Buford wrote a profile of Mario Batali in 2002 and it is one of the best I’ve ever read.

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