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Martin Schneider writes:

A new issue of The New Yorker comes out tomorrow. A preview of its contents, adapted from the magazine's press release:

"Travels in Siberia--I," by Ian Frazier, is the first part of a two-part article, and the culmination of a writing assignment ten years in the making. To paint a realistic portrait of Siberia, Frazier set off on an ambitious road trip to cross the vast Russian region during a five-week period in the summer of 2001.

In "A New Page," Nicholson Baker tries out the Kindle 2, the new e-book reader released by Amazon.

In "Party of One," Kelefa Sanneh profiles Michael Savage, the conservative host of "The Savage Nation," "one of the most addictive programs on radio, and one of the least predictable."

In Comment, Hendrik Hertzberg asks why the U.S. is so far behind other democratic nations in achieving universal health care and looks at Barack Obama's proposals for reform.

Patricia Marx goes swimsuit shopping.

In Shouts & Murmurs, Bruce McCall imagines a dining-out guide written by Iran's Guardian Council.

Joan Acocella examines the Gospel of Judas, a Gnostic text that exonerates Judas Iscariot as the betrayer of Jesus Christ.

Louis Menand reads Thomas Pynchon's new detective novel, Inherent Vice.

Peter Schjeldahl attends "In & Out of Amsterdam: Travels in Conceptual Art, 1960-1976," at the Museum of Modern Art.

David Denby reviews Judd Apatow's latest film, Funny People.

There is a short story by Joshua Ferris.

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