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Infinite Summer: Location 3590

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Martin Schneider writes:

Note: I'm participating in Infinite Summer, the widespread Internet book project dedicated to reading David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest. For more information, consult my introduction. My strategy has been to avoid lengthy commentary but instead list quintessentially Wallacean vocabulary and note other oddities, including Kindle typos.

I'm quite a bit farther than this, but I thought it's preferable to present these lists in shorter form. Expect another update this week.

location 3154: Worcester, correct spelling seems off in this section
location 3229: addict/ alcoholic, errant extra space in Kindle
location 3240: galoots
location 3244: mythopoeia
location 3246: feldspar
location 3295:
location 3323: tripodic
location 3390: PRECIPITANT
location 3391: FREDDIE-MAC FUND, very prescient!
location 3412: arational
location 3424: Good old aural, narrative voice here is distractingly close to DFW's nonfiction voice
location 3435: usnlikable, Kindle error
location 3436: 60% of respondents, I love the wit and insight of the "videophony" section, but the bit about the self-consciousness over appearance is wrong, isn't it? People simply adjust their expectations of visual attractiveness to the situation, right?
location 3440: Dysphoria(or, Kindle typo
location 3470: Masking(or, Kindle typo
location 3487: 149, Kindle error (page number included in text)
location 3512: and c.
location 3513: Tableauxdioramas, Kindle typo (hyphen missing)
location 3516: panagoraphobia
location 3523: agnate
location 3548: naïver
location 3558: 70° driveways. Very, very strange. There's no such thing as a 70° driveway, right? 45° would be crazy steep.
location 3581: spronging
location 3585: truly what is it to pünch the volley, hilarious
location 3590: Stanford-Bïnet, why is DFW adding a diaeresis to Binet?


Re: videophony, you may be right, but I for one hope voice-only phones remain the norm for at least the duration of my life.

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