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The Wavy Rule, a Daily Comic by Pollux: Audax Minor

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In honor of Audax Minor, whose column for The New Yorker, called “The Race Track,” ran from 1926 to 1978 -quite an accomplishment.

Reg Lansberry wrote a great piece on Audax Minor (real name George Ryall) for Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred, and James Wolcott has commented that Lansberry’s piece may “spur publishing interest in having Audax Minor’s best work handily anthologized instead of remaining scattered through the digital volumes of the Complete New Yorker.”

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Many thanks for your remembering a great man: G.F.T. Ryall.

Reg LansberryMarch 14, 2012

Thank you, Reg! Audax Minor (G.F.T. Ryall) was an interesting figure. I was happy to honor him.

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