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It's New Yorker Festival Week! October 16-18: Will You Be There?

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Emily Gordon writes:

It’s the best week of the year at Emdashes HQ (a many-sided residence featuring pristine Austrian mountains, the tearoom at the La Brea Tar Pits, a deck in leafy Brooklyn, a Windy City aerie, and a desk in an undisclosed location). This year it’s the New Yorker Festival’s tenth anniversary, which makes us wish we had been at all ten Festivals. Alas, though our allegiance is long, our blog is but five, so we look up to the Festival with all due awe and continue to paddle along after it like quick and fuzzy ducklings.

As we’ve mentioned, for the fourth year running, Emdashes will be there, and this year, for the first time, we’re proud to be importing our Los Angeles wunderkind of word and picture, Pollux, whose voice will join Martin’s and mine in Festival-mad reportage. We’ll be providing satisfying commentary, photos, reviews, thrilling glimpses of we don’t even know what yet, observations on audience reactions, and Zeitgeisty sight-bites from a man who actually speaks German (Martin; Paul speaks the mainly-on-the-plain kind of Spanish). Forgive the internal rhymes; this week always gives us dizzy spells.

Quick links: The New Yorker’s in-house Festival blog, the @newyorkerfest Twitter feed you should already be following (I have it on good authority that it’s going to be hopping this year), and, of course, the main Festival page.

Having just come from Memphis, where I was live-tweeting for @printmag as quickly as my little TweetDeck for iPhone could muster, I feel secure in saying that where there’s wi-fi, there will be @Emdashes updates. So follow us too, won’t you? And whether you’re attending the Festival or watching from elsewhere, check back here many times daily later this week by clicking on the shiny red banner to your right, or, if you prefer, the lovely Festival portrait of me by Carolita Johnson.

If you write a real-time or post-game Festival report that you long to see in pixelated print, e-mail it to us straightaway, and you may become one of this year’s guest contributors. And if you see us—possibly wearing t-shirts from our humble store—please identify yourselves! We’re even nicer in person.


I’m writing this from Heathrow on the way back from Austria to attend this event! And I now have an iPod Touch, the better to tweet with. I am excited too!

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