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The Baffler Online: Information Wants to Be Free, in Its Own Sweet Time

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Jonathan Taylor writes:

Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism posts her article on Wall Street culture, "Indefensible Men," from the December 2009 issue of the revived Baffler, whose slowness or reluctance to post many of its articles have helped it make so much less of a splash than it would have, given contributors including Matt Taibbi, Naomi Klein, Lydia Millett and Michael Lind. (Yves Smith link via Matthew Yglesias, who notes in particular the handsome Niebuhr epigraph.)

I received, nth-hand, an e-mail sent out by a Moe Tkacik desperate to distribute her article at a time when it hadn't seemed to materialize in either paper or pixels (it has in the latter, at least). As for Christine Smallwood's "What Does the Internet Look Like?", we'll just have to keep looking at the rest of it.

In 1995, the original Baffler threw a party at the Knitting Factory in New York that was covered in a Talk piece, which is written in that style of deadpan that mocks weakly with a sort of faux-naif air, so annoying to me, and, I think, less commonly deployed than it used to be: "About three hundred people showed up, mostly striving writers and publishing types. Dress was exceedingly casual." (It followed an item about Nutella—"pronounced 'noo-tella.'")

The Baffler also made a cameo in a 2008 Jeffrey Eugenides story, "Great Experiment":

For sixteen years now, Chicago had given Kendall the benefit of the doubt. It had welcomed him when he arrived with his "song cycle" of poems composed at the Iowa Writers' Workshop. It had been impressed with his medley of high-I.Q. jobs the first years out: proofreader for The Baffler; Latin instructor at the Latin School.

Did or does The Baffler even have paid proofreaders?

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