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"Color-Shifting 100" Just Doesn't Have the Same Ring

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Martin Schneider writes:

Oh, dear. The U.S. Mint is up to its tricks again, issuing a brand-new, butt-ugly $100 bill. However, it is adorable how proud they are of their counterfeit-stymieing features:

I really hope some smart band writes a song called "Bell in the Inkwell."


Are you kidding? “Bell in the Inkwell” is a great name for a band, never mind a song.

And btw, I see that the Matt Drudge is worried the bill looks European and blames Obama for that — but of course, as is the way of bureaucracies, work on it was was first begun under W: http://bit.ly/docXtT.

Benjamin ChambersApril 23, 2010

It is evocative, isn’t it? Your comment reminds me: I’ve thought about this a bit, and I believe that some … odd bits of verbiage are songs, some are albums, some are bands, some are novels, some are short stories, some are poems. This one struck me as a song, but it could also be a band, as you say, or an album.

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