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Wikivamp: Wikipedia's New Look

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Pollux writes:

Wikipedia looks different today. That’s because the Wikimedia Foundation has revamped the site, including redesigning its “puzzle globe” logo.

Now we have improved search suggestions, so if you start to type in, for example, the word “punctuation,” you get the suggestions below.


What is “Punctuation (chess)”? Acccording to the article, chess commentators use punctuation marks to designate whether a chess move was bad or good.

The Google-like search suggestions are definitely an improvement. Google in fact donated two million dollars to Wikipedia in February. Google’s own collaborative encyclopedia, Google Knol, at its release dubbed a “Wikipedia killer,” is not even guilty of minor assault.

For editors, Wikipedia has revamped the toolbar designed to make editing much easier and intuitive. Wikipedia is encouraging feedback, and has a submission form at their New Features section.

A revamp of Wikipedia was inevitable as the online encyclopedia reached maturity. Whether the revamp is a real improvement or just a series of cosmetic changes remains to be seen, but to use my newfound knowledge of chess punctuation, !? (interesting move).

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