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Tips of the Top Hat: New Yorker Eustace Tilley Contest Winners & Nerd Cakes

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Emily Gordon writes:

Via our friends at UnBeige:

With his moncole at the ready and a butterfly his constant companion, Eustace Tilley has been The New Yorker‘s dapper mascot since founding art director Rea Irvin sketched him into being in 1925. The magazine recently invited readers to put their own twist on the discerning dandy in its fourth Eustace Tilley design contest. And this year’s competition came with a bookish bonus: the grand-prize winner’s design printed on a Strand Bookstore tote bag (an icon for an icon!) and a $1,000 Strand shopping spree. After sifting through roughly 600 entries, New Yorker art editor Françoise Mouly has selected a dozen winners, now featured in a slideshow on the magazine’s web site. The victorious Eustaces range from Seattle-based Dave Hoerlein‘s cartographic version (“A Dandy Map of New York”) to a Facebook-ready Tilley created by Nick McDowell of Mamaroneck, New York. Savannah-dwelling William Joca‘s “Cubist Tilley” was inspired by the work of Picasso (with a sprinkling of Ben-Day dots for good measure), while Pixo Hammer of Toronto channeled Joan Miro. As for the big winner, keep guessing (Grecian Eustace? Symbolic Eustace? Eustace through the years?). The champion and the tote bag will be revealed this spring.

My favorite of the examples UnBeige selected is by San Francisco illustrator and comic and storyboard artist Gary Amaro, whose other beautiful and emotionally charged work (including some remarkably fine nudes and figure drawings) you should look at here.

In other, or you could even say similar, passionate-niche news, I really like these nerd cakes.


I looked at the designs and they are outstanding. Even though I myself have not read the New Yorker, I have seen the cover many times. My personal favorite is the one that depicts New York in his shape. I liked the other ones too, even though I did not feel the stick figure was that great, but there is just something about the thought you would have had to put into creating that design and the artistic talent you must have to bring the idea to life. There were some others that stuck out, especially the last one you mentioned. I liked the idea of the mascot going through life and developing his intrest in butterflies. That is definately my second favorite. Thank you for putting them up and giving me the chance to see, and enjoy them.

Phillies PhanMarch 10, 2011

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