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Attention! New Punctuation Marks for You.

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Emily Gordon writes:

Once upon a time, from 2004 to about 2010, Emdashes was a New Yorker fan blog. But now that The New Yorker has so many blogs of its own for people to follow and be-fan, we’ve slowly started morphing back into what we intended to be in the first place: a punctuation blog.

Fortunately, sometimes our first love, The New Yorker, venntersects with our second love, punctuation. Today marks one such occasion. You probably already know that the magazine sponsors a weekly Twitter contest, Questioningly, in which people tweet entries (along with the hashtag #tnyquestion) in response to editor Ben Greenman’s inspired and loopy challenges. Greenman just posted the results of the most recent contest: Invent a new punctuation mark. Some of the winners:

There were inventions specific to the online world, such as @seancarman’s smÅ¿ticon, which consisted of “two colons on either side of an internet comment identifying it as an out-of-character expression of rage.” There were inventions characteristic of our age, such as @madbeyond’s sollipsis, “a personalized ellipsis points shifting the discussion back to me me me.” But for the winner we went beyond rage and self-absorption to @toddlerlit’s bad-writing apology mark.
You’ll have to read on to find out more.

Meanwhile, do you know what an interroverti is? It’s the winner of our own punctuation contest from a few years back, in which we asked reader to name the nameless upside-down question mark. There are pictures, too. Enjoy. And since readers seem undaunted by the winner having been announced in 2008 and are still posting submissions, we invite you to do the same.

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