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This site turned eight at the new year, which is almost a million in internet years. What have we been doing with ourselves? After a couple of years in Chicago writing theater reviews, I’m back in New York, getting to work with longtime hero Jen Bekman at 20×200 and living in hilly and historic Peekskill with wonder duo Todd Londagin, on the trombone, and Merideth Harte, on the Wacom tablet. (Todd has a new album out, by the way, and you gotta hear it. Look Out for Love!)

How about my friends and co-conspirators? Emdasher Martin Schneider is writing Box Office Boffo. Paul Morris (a.k.a. Pollux) is, as usual, a whirlwind of visual productivity, from Art-o-Mat to, well, everything. And the erudite Jonathan Taylor is grad-schooling and writing.

Probably because my 20×200 bio links here, I’ve gotten a few emails asking when I’m going to start posting again, already. In 2012, I made a goal to get to Gmail Draft Zero. So how about getting to Blog Draft Zero in 2013? Look for posts we saved and forgot to finish, essays just missing that one copyright-free image, and cartoons that want only tender loving formatting. Our unofficial motto, after all, is “Old news is good news.” And, of course, there’s a whole world of symbols and punctuation and hieroglyphs and pictograms and semaphores to attend to.

Happy new year. And thanks for visiting, as always!

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