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I Reviewed Those Two "Jeopardy!" Books

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…and here’s the review. Note that I do not make light of the breast cancer diagnosis of one author’s girlfriend, which is more than the Times Book Review can say. Isn’t it odd that Jeopardy! winner-loser-winner Bob Harris has the same name as the hero of Lost in Translation? Or was that on purpose, Sofia? Should we be reading something into this about the search for answers in a Babel of mixed signals and missed connections?


“It’s actually important to know who history’s great geniuses were, that some cancer is treatable, or that the civil rights movement happened”
I’m sure he’s knowingly engaging the well, yeah reaction, but does it really go far enough ? Does he ever come to terms with the realization that formulating your thoughts on these rather untrivial subjects ‘in the form of a question’ (or developing mnemonics for them) is silly to the point of injustice ? Doesn’t the tenor here really communicate, textually, Jennings’ Mormon placidity, which is so immediately apparent and unsettling onscreen?

(I can’t help but think of Dickens’ Mr Gradgrind whenever such plentiful ladels of Facts are distributed, as in Jeopardy.)

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