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Martin Schneider writes:

Well, it seems the world has finally caught up with us. We were Twittering as far back as the New Yorker Festival, which was nearly six months ago! Now it's reached that juncture at which phenomena topple over into a phase of greater exposure (hmmm, could be a book in that), and now I'm running into it everywhere. We thought it was high time that Emdashes declared its intention to cover this properly.

So to start with: everyone reading this should know that The New Yorker is using Twitter with great vigor. The magazine's Twitter is updated regularly and has useful information about new supplementary content on the website like podcasts or videos pretty much every day, usually several times a day.

Richard Brody, who mans "The Front Row" in the blogs section of the magazine's website, is sending links to his posts on Twitter. The New Yorker Book Club uses its Twitter to link to recent posts and make announcements. The "News Desk" blog is using Twitter regularly. There are also feeds for the Book Bench and the New Yorker Festival.

I've done some modest research into New Yorker personnel who are tweeting away, and I've come up with the following list:

Sasha Frere-Jones 1
Michael Kupperman
Tad Friend
Bob Staake
Thessaly La Force
Susan Orlean
Liza Donnelly
Julia Suits
Ward Sutton
Sasha Frere-Jones 2 (probably defunct)
Dana Goodyear
Malcolm Gladwell
Erin Overbey (Emdashes regular)
Evan Osnos
Marisa Marchetto (protected updates)
Andy Borowitz
Daniel Zalewski
Lizzie Widdicombe
Lila Byock

Thessaly La Force wonders whether regular Twitterers ought to get extra credit. It's a fair point. The list is now ordered by number of tweets sent, at least by a mid-March 2009 reckoning; I'll try to order additions in that spirit.

There's also the as-yet-empty Cartoon Lounge, apparently run by The New Yorker's PR wiz, Jamie Leifer.

A couple of comments: the indefatigable Sasha Frere-Jones tweets about as much as anyone I've encountered. Tad Friend tweets quite a bit as well. Dana Goodyear is just starting out, and after a few good weeks, Gladwell may have lost interest—we hope not!

There's also the charming newyorkerest, run by an enterprising San Franciscan. The purpose of newyorkerest is to isolate the best article in each issue. We'd like to give them a warm welcome to the heady world of New Yorker commentary. What we like most about newyorkerest is that it is all about celebrating genuine achievement; we are too, hence we celebrate newyorkerest.

Oh, here are some Emdashes-related Twitters: Emdashes, Martin, Benjamin, Print magazine.

A final note: We believe that this information—who at The New Yorker indulges in the occasional tweet—is intended for public consumption; otherwise we would not post it. It's not our intention to catch anyone out or make anyone uncomfortable. So if anyone would like to see his or her Twitter status removed from this list, we'll only be too glad to do so. Of course, if you're a New Yorker contributor whose Twitter feed we haven't discovered (yet), by all means email us and we'll add it to the list so everyone we know will know how best to follow your interesting activities.


Can you say “narcissist”?

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