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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

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The list below reflects the fancies of Emily Gordon, as well as some of her influences and acknowledgments.

Solid gold dancers: currently reading regularly
The Awl
The Last Psychiatrist
Gynomite! [another awesome Emily Gordon]
Lindsay Robertson
Rosscott, Inc.

Enthusiasts par excellence
James Wolcott
Taddle Creek magazine, edited by Conan Tobias
Ftrain.com [Paul Ford]
Steven Heller
Arnjuice [Web comic by Emdashes staff cartoonist Pollux, whose collections are for sale or download at Lulu]
Bill Kartalopoulos [on comics, graphic novels, and more]
Ben Bass (and Beyond)
Slice [pizza authority Adam Kuban]
Love Shine [best store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn]
Cinders Gallery [best gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn]
Greatest Films [Tim Dirks]
The Corduroy Appreciation Club [Miles Rohan, founder]
Most charming 21st-century DJ (tie): Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour [XM Radio]; Michael Cumella, The Antique Phonograph Music Program [WFMU]
The Sound of Young America [Jesse Thorn]; now on WNYC
The Comics Curmudgeon [Josh Fruhlinger]
Scott McLemee, and his blog Quick Study
Collision Detection [Clive Thompson]
The Eleanorian [Eleanor Levine]
Meg Hourihan
Jason Kottke
The Dorothy Parker Society
The Magazineer
Robert W. Gordon, a.k.a. Emily’s dad

Design for lovin’, art with class
A Brief Message
Winterhouse Studio [Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel]
Debbie Millman
Toon Books and Françoise Mouly
Flog! The Fantagraphics Blog
Nick Abadzis [image and sketch blog]
Ray Fenwick
An Atlas of Radical Cartography
Funnel Incorporated [Lori Wilson & Lin Wilson]
Art Fag City [Paddy Johnson]
Chris Payne Photography
Emily Flake
Jasmin Chua
American Chickens [Lisa Brown]
Patricia Storms
El Rey Del Art [James Barnett]
Today’s Inspiration
Various New Yorker artists with websites

Bookish brilliance and overall write-eousness
The Queen’s Gambit, by Walter Tevis [a perfect novel]
The Clumsiest People in Europe, by Todd Pruzan and Mrs. Favell Lee Mortimer
OR Books, publishers of Going Rouge: Sarah Palin—An American Nightmare, edited by Richard Kim and Betsy Reed
Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop, by Frankie Manning and Cynthia Millman
Katha Pollitt
The National Book Critics Circle
How to Be Useful [Megan Hustad]
The Abbeville Manual of Style [an incredibly helpful helper]
The New Haven Review
Titlepage: passionate conversations about books
Betsy Lerner
Watershed [Morgan Noel]
Elizabeth Crane
The Abbeville Manual of Style
Unpleasant Event Schedule [Daniel Nester]
Jonathan Taylor
Matthew Thorburn
Lilit in Stereo and Save the Assistants [Lilit Marcus]
Josh Wolk
Maud Newton
Olivia Birdsall
Nicole Hefner
Shiva’s Tears
Marcy Dermansky
The Millions (A Blog About Books) [C. Max Magee]
Daniel Radosh
Global Worming [Jeremy Lehrer]
Michael Broder
Today in Letters
Normblog [Norman Geras]
Painted Bride Quarterly [how to submit]
Surfette [Lisa Stone]
Oxford University Press blog
Eric Umansky
Jeffrey MacIntyre
Writing Degree Zero
About Last Night [Terry Teachout]
Young Manhattanite [Andrew Krucoff]
The Old Hag [Lizzie Skurnick]
BookLust [Patricia Storms]
Beatrice [Ron Hogan]
Ryan Sloan
n+1 magazine
Stephen McCauley
Francesca Segrè
Children’s-book writer Amy Gordon [and Emily’s aunt]
Nicole Hefner
Steamboats Are Ruining Everything [Caleb Crain]
Sophie Pollitt-Cohen
Starnosedmole [Maureen Thorson]
And I Am Not Lying [Jeff Simmermon]
Dorothy Surrenders [Dorothy Snarker]
The Wisdom of the Illiterati
Various New Yorker writers with websites

Comedy prevents unprovoked shin-kicking of strangers
WTF with Marc Maron [new favorite]
Comedy 365 [Georgina Sowerby & Brian Luff]
Wendy Spero
You Look Nice Today: A Journey of Emotional Hygiene
The Morning News
Simulacrum [Chris Skinner]
Drink at Work [Francesco Marciuliano]
Minor Tweaks [Thomas Bartlett]
Variety Shac [Shonali Bhowmik, Heather Lawless, Andrea Rosen, & Chelsea Peretti]
Go Fug Yourself
Lance Baker [Chicago actor extraordinaire]

Music is everything
Gloria Deluxe [Cynthia Hopkins]
The Ironic Mullet [Lee Ann Westover]
The Lascivious Biddies
The M Shanghai String Band
The Dizzies
Oni Buchanan
All the Young Mod Soldiers
Untouched By Work or Duty [Marlow Riley]
Complicated Fun [Peter Scholtes]
Solomon Douglas [Jazz pianist, bandleader, swing-dance teacher]

Movies are also everything
Jürgen Fauth’s Muckworld
No More Marriages!
Kabluey [a wonderfully funny movie by Scott Prendergast; get it on DVD!]

Lindy hop is the ticket to joy
Yehoodi [lindy hop community and news]
The Yehoodi Talk Show
Frankie Manning
The Click Heard Round the World [Rik Panganiban]

Politics make the world go ‘round
The Center for American Progress [home of Kate Gordon, sister extraordinaire]
The Apollo Alliance
Laura Dickinson [Faculty Director, Center for Transnational Public-Private Governance at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, and Emily’s brilliant stepsister]
The Center on Wisconsin Strategy
Liza Featherstone
Fighting Bob
Women for Afghan Women
Sabrina Tavernise
The Public Works Project
Left Business Observer [Doug Henwood]

Various necessities
Camaje [Abby Hitchcock’s delicious bistro on MacDougal St.]; Abigail is her new and beautiful restaurant in Prospect Heights
Seascape Soapworks [foamy soap made by Emily’s best friend’s mother and her partner; they take PayPal!]
The Morning News
Irene Montgomery
Alex Montgomery
Strange Maps
The Culture Archive
The Harringay Arms
NYC Blocks
Fralinger’s [salt water taffy, almond macaroons, Atlantic City]
The Toast-O-Lator

∗ Emily is (or has been) a member, editor, contributor, or crepe consumer

Acknowledgments. These stalwart Emdashes supporters deserve a lifetime supply of Nutella (at least): Katha Pollitt, Jennifer Hadley, Robert Gordon, and the prodigiously talented PK & Su and Jesse Ewing. I’m grateful to cheerpeople Jasmin Chua, Ashby Jones, Liz Galst, Lisa Stone, Jay Rosen, Hillery Stone, T.M.D.V., Amy Hosig, the late and irreplaceable M.K., Hugo, Todd Pruzan, Jeremy Lehrer, Patricia Storms, Darren Johnson, Elizabeth Riley, Kevin Fitzpatrick at The Dorothy Parker Society, Scott McLemee, Morgan Noel, Andrew Hearst, David Perrotta, Peter Terzian, Laurie Muchnick, Eric Umansky, my family, Heather Stewart, and Caitlin and Liza Featherstone, who were enthusiastic from the start in 2004. Ron Hogan has been a godsend. Print veterans Kristina DiMatteo, Caitlin Dover, and Lindsay Ballant made invaluable suggestions during the redesign, and Marlow Riley was a true constable of last-minute aid. Carolita Johnson is the dearest friend ever found through starting an often inexplicable project. And, of course, thanks to everyone at and of The New Yorker—present, past, and future—for the best magazine I know.
—Emily Gordon

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