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I was asked to name my cultural and intellectual heroes for the Normblog profile; here are others, in no particular order.

Cultural heroes:

Pablo Neruda
Frankie Manning
Guy Maddin
Kevin Heelan
James Laughlin
Georgina Sowerby & Brian Luff
Mary Gordon
Cynthia Hopkins
Lauren Bacall
Donald Antrim
Robertson Davies
The Marx Bros.
Alan Rickman
Jonathan Lethem
Steve Martin
Richard Leakey
Ruth Stone
James Joyce
Alan Lomax

Intellectual heroes:

Jane Addams
Roane Carey
Jane Kenyon
Pete Seeger
Margaret Mead
Scott McLemee
Richard Ihle
Nicholson Baker
Phillis Levin
W. H. Auden
Richard Eder
Richard Lingeman

Heroes transcending category:

Thomas Montgomery
Judith Long
Virginia Woolf
Margaret Sanger
Katharine Hepburn

New Yorker all-star team
(a list in progress):

Pauline Kael
James Thurber
Saul Steinberg
Donald Antrim
Ian Frazier
E.B. White
Nancy Franklin
Jane Kramer
John Lahr
Robert Benchley
Ben McGrath
A.J. Liebling
Dorothy Parker
Jonathan Schell
Elizabeth Drew
Joan Acocella
Philip Gourevitch
Sean Wilsey
Todd Pruzan
Jonathan Lethem
Sasha Frere-Jones
Alex Ross
Seymour Hersh
Roz Chast
Charles Barsotti
Bruce Eric Kaplan
Drew Dernavich
Charles Addams
Susan Sheehan
David Owen
Joan Didion
Susan Orlean
Rachel Carson

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