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(7.25.05 issue) Derivative in a good way

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My Dog is Tom Cruise, Noah Baumbach's frisky Shouts & Murmurs, of Merrill Markoe's dog's-eye-view essay on Letterman many eons ago, which was also published in the Letterman book I scored while babysitting, circa 1991. I wonder if David Letterman will start writing for The New Yorker when he retires? Call me snowbrow, or even glowbrow, but look at the evidence: Woody Allen, Steve Martin, Paul Simms (a former Letterman writer), Garrison Keillor, etc. Some were early contributors, some mid-career, some late. I rest my case. For me, it would certainly unite past and present obsessions neatly; I mentioned Letterman in several of my college application essays. And I got in, too.

Letterman on his Belgian Airhead, Bob [TV Acres]
When, if ever, did Letterman jump the shark? [Jump the Shark]

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The real question is, why didn’t Markoe ever write for the magazine? For that matter, why hasn’t there been anything by Lizz Winstead? Both of those women could turn out a top-notch Shouts & Murmurs piece in their sleep, I reckon.

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