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"I Could Eat a Knob at Night": Ricky Gervais Dance Remixes

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She gave me 20p for the hot chocolate machine

What's going on here? First cue up the Ricky Gervais podcast, from the beginning, you can. Then read this quick summary of what was to become Pilkingtonmania, from Reuters:

It was during a discussion on the Gervais show about a reality TV show, where contestants were asked to eat an animal's penis, that Pilkington made Internet history. First he said he could not eat an animal's penis in the morning because he has a delicate stomach.

He then proclaimed, "I could eat a knob at night."... After Gervais mused on the show that the soundbite could be used in a dance remix, it took just a few days for the Internet to be awash with songs using the soundbite as a hook.

The latest (at press time) big article, in the NY Times yet, is here. Earlier, there was a Reuters piece about the phenomenon of Karl, the podcast, the knob, and the mashups. Or remixes, as the case may be! I now understand the difference (thanks Nathan). They're also talking Karl in Australia (an expanded version of the Reuters piece), Chile, and Sweden. Translators welcome. The new series: My first review of the non-free podcast was here, and there have been several more since.

Without further ado--Karl Pilkington dance remixes, the original list. Apologies for any broken links, and updates welcome!

  • The popular and oft-downloaded DJ Reacharound version, from episode six of the podcast. Quite possibly my favorite.

  • Newest! Nathan--"transforming the great into the quite good"--remixes his remix and comes up with something wildly original. Farther out than a chimponaut!

  • Second newest: Matt's mix, and a good one too. He calls it "an electronica/nuskool version."

  • Third newest: DJ Ropey's. I should really set up a voting system.

  • Hop like a kangaroo: Nathan's uptempo "trancey house mix," which may be the hippest of them yet. This one deserves a video. Then listen to his truly excellent Gervais-related Free Love Freeway, featuring the vocal stylings of David Brent. Do you think knob cuisine has become popularized as a result of all this? Will Australian PETA need to get involved?

  • Also shiny and new: The band Love2B ("Electronica / Ambient / Experimental") has a brief but complex version that, laudably, reintroduces the modifier "kangaroo." Their other songs are funny too.

  • Danceable! Sweet stuff from Confusioning.

  • "Erectioneering": Fintan Stack's lyrical contribution, which owes a small debt to Radiohead. He explains himself thusly.

  • Last week's star: Rohan Lilley, for his very funny take on the, um, knob philosophy. More of Rohan's mixes and future Gervais riffs here.

  • One of the newest: Aidan O'Halloran calls his version "the ultimate Karl Pilkington 'i could eat a knob at night' song."

  • Cool twist by Mr. Zystem.

  • DJ Frankie Pigeon does his tribute.

  • May be a repeat: a zippy, rhythmically adventurous track with horns.

  • Thanks, Wikipedia! This one's from Cyn.

  • Andrew Brady, Tom Frost, and Andy ("its very good. Funky house beat"), your audio links hath expired, and that makes everyone sad.
Update: Since this is getting search-engine lovin' (hello, U.K.!), if you've got links to other versions--Ricky said he got at least 70--let me know and I'll post them here.

NEW: a great rock 'n' roll tribute to Karl's timeless utterance. The newest remix is actually a re-remix by Nathan, who also just revamped his already inspired enhancement of David Brent's earnestly soulful "Free Love Freeway." Download it here and you'll see what I mean. On his MySpace page, he adds modestly, "If you really really like FREE LOVE FREEWAY, theres a totally self indulgent overlong extended mix lasting nearly 9 minutes, here." I've listened--entirely worth it!


Update again: I'll need to do some more googlistening, I see, since your desire for Pilkington Man is downright insatiable. Meanwhile, why not read Nancy Franklin on Ricky Gervais? Franklin interviewed Gervais at the New Yorker Festival last year, and it was a delightful event, in part since Franklin is one of the funniest critics around.


Also, via diligent commenter James on the Sydney Morning Herald blog, the trio's old XFM show. James notes, "It is hilarious (though annoying because you have to download each 5 min file, about 12 per episode - but well worth it)."

Sowerby and Luff's Big Squeeze

Brand-new mashups/remixes added as people send 'em in to me--see below for the list.

LATEST (June '06): Our favorite Birmingham-dwelling, Office-remixing DJ, Nathan Jay, writes: "I've got some new songs--one of 'em ["A Good Day"] might be interesting to you if you watch The Office (US version). I really love the show--as much as, if not more than, the UK version. I made a kind of 'chilled' house track, and spruced it up with loads of snippets from Pam the receptionist." As always, it's excellent and super-danceable.

Karl Pilkington news: There's probably not much point in my keeping up with this anymore, since the entire bloggomedia (the gap is quickly closing) is now doing it for me. But in case you're stopping here first, this is a very funny Karl, Ricky, and Steve animation and a trippy monkey news video, and there's a forthcoming book by Karl, or something like that. In recent news, there've been Karl clocks, badges, shirts on eBay; the end of this post lists other sources for Pilkington paraphernalia.

Are there any British podcasts as funny as Ricky's? Incredibly, yes! Comedy 365's ridiculously addictive Big Squeeze with sexy Georgina Sowerby and Brian Luff, the brilliant Chris Skinner's Simulacrum, and Killer Comedy (or anything else) with the King of Dry, John Dredge. See below for mouth-watering details. And they're all free!

The only way to survive the long minutes until the next episode is to download as many Big Squeeze (starring Georgina Sowerby and Brian Luff, pictured above) and Simulacrum podcasts--do not miss the interviews with John F. Kennedy, Kate Moss, and Moby-Dick--as you can. Also, John Dredge's Killer Comedy. See excerpt below for a snippet of Chris Skinner's revealing interview with the pissed-off whale.

First of all, can I get some things clear about Herman Melville, because that man is a complete son of a bitch. I employed that man as my official biographer. He was set aside to write the great story of my life, exploring the seas, and the things I saw while I was there. And he sold out completely, and turned it into a--horror film. I was this lethal man-killing machine.... I'm quite placid. If you wrong me, I'm bigger than you, I'll take you out, but not in a dinner way--more in a fighting mean-machine sort of way. I'm not going to do it now, because you've been generally quite pleasant.

But is he? Listen to the REST of this shocking Simulacrum show.

Fluffy TV

Have a shameful thing for naughty doctor-bunnies and saucy nursey-lambs? Who doesn't? Fluffy TV will oodle your noodle. I would say it'll tickle your fanny, but I know that has an entirely different meaning in the U.K., so that probably won't do.

Simulacrum from Comedy 365

Wear the knob: Flipporium's sexy "I Could Eat a Knob at Night" t-shirt (pictured below; "a percentage of Karl proceeds go to buying a goat!"). Link via Wax Elastic. Here are more knob shirts, including "I [Heart] Karl Pilkington." Need more Pilkington paraphernalia? Get it here. New: a brand-new, stylishly designed t-shirt, and the inevitable Karl quote book.


Thanks for the post about my shirts….though I’ve only sold one! So the goat is totally out of pocket now.I heard Ricky mention my name on podcast 9, but he got it wrong…oh well.- David

The link labeled as the DJ Reacharound version actually links to the same Newgrounds page as the deck_head_tottie one later on the page - do you know where the original DJ Reacharound version of the song is?

That’s the link posted and promoted by, I assume, DJ Reacharound himself on the Wikipedia entry for Karl Pilkington. I’ll do a little digging to see if there are any other sources for the DJ Reacharound version, but I believe that’s the one. Or, of course, you could just listen to the podcast again. I suspected two of my links might be the same, so I’ll go in soon and remedy that. Thanks!

Check out this version of Eat a knob at nighthttp://www.stace08.co.uk/mp3/karlsknob.mp3

Wow I’m famous. I found a link to this page via a SMH.com.au article on Karl P, and then found a reference to my own comment on the SMH blog about the RG podcast.We’re all connected.

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

nice one ro-nonymous, funnier than the others

…Damn my cover’s broken.Standby for a new tune called “Sexy Metal Pants”. It could be the b-side to “Eat A Knob at Night”.it will be posted up here:http//www.rohanlilley.com

Sorry, had to delete Ro’s post since it was messing up the sidebar. Here it is again—clubworthy, multilayered, and featuring not just Karl but quite a bit of Ricky, a bit of Stephen, and…monkeys.At 6:31 PM, Anonymous said…Hiya, here is my version of “Eat a Knob At Night”.LINKhope you like it.ro

Also, hello James! To me, you’re definitely famous.

Dear emdashes,sorry fo messin with your page and A HUGE thanks for re-doing my post! You rock for that!! me=goosero

Thanks for linking to me. I can translate my Swedish post for you _—-The world’s most downloaded podcast is also the world’s best podcast. Ricky Gervais, known as the writer, director, and actor of the Golden Globe-awarded series The Office, join forces with Steve Merchant to make a hilarious show pretty much just by bullying the village idiot Karl Pilkington. The three are old friends from back when Pilkington were the producer of Gervais’ och Merchant’s radio show at Xfm, although Pilkington always has been in the shadow of the more successful comedians.This is about to change as Pilkington is the rising star. His weird humor, perfectly round head and peculiar ideas about history, evolution and animals grants him a solid fanbase world wide. Google his legendary line “I could eat a knob at night” and you’ll be awarded with about 760 000 hits.The Ricky Gervais Show is available through rickygervais.com or Guardian Unlimited, in mp3 feed as well as in mp4-feed. A new episode airs every monday and the series has reached episode 10 out of 12.—-So nothing about the dance remixes, but I listen to them almost every day. The DJ Reacharound version is still my favourite.Feel free to improve my English if you’re going to quote me.

Wow, I got a namecheck (I’m Fintan Stack).Thanks and that.John (Fintan Stack) x

Hi,Please visit our “Pubcast” (Podcast in a pub = pubcast) In a similar vein to Ricky Gervais Podcast, and also based in England. Find us @: www.freewebs.com/paulstevepubcast/

Hi,Please visit our “Pubcast” (Podcast in a Pub = Pubcast!) In a similar vein as Ricky Gervais Podcast also based in England. Find us @ www.freewebs.com/paulstevepubcast/

Hi, our band Love2B has got a great Knob at Night dance remix here: Karl Pilkington or at http://www.myspace.com/love2b (Entitled Karl Pilkington).Thanks!DJ Pema

Great Knob at night postings. I’ve got one of my own here at http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=3495320&q=hicheck it out!DJ Ropey

I got my remix here. It’s an original, so download away! It’s an electronica/nuskool version at you can find it at http://gutterballs.multiply.com/music/item/1Enjoy!!!

Hear another ‘nob at night’ remix that I made.. it’s so bad that it’s good. www.myspace.com/andyruby

I’m changing all spam comment urls to sites I like better. Enjoy!


By the way, I love that too!  How did you find that?  

See you soon! Girly Girl 

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Hi, myself and a friend (Collectively ‘Equinox’) have done a new remix. Hope you all like it! It’s got a kind of electro feel, with a strong beat behind it and a bright lead mono synth.


George, Equinox.

George BratleySeptember 20, 2007

This is a disco remix of Karl, ’80s style, that i made recently. Iv also done a little music video for it.


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