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Russians, Podcasters, and the Biddies

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Speaking of the riotous Eugene Mirman, I'd like to add that I might not have discovered him at all without my new co-favorite American podcast, The Sound of Young America. Jesse Thorn has a big future, a big past, and a big present—at least, he deserves a big present, so someone get him one!

Support Team Biddy in this Sunday's MS Walk!

My other co-favorite American podcast (I listen to several swell British ones) is Biddycast, produced by the cutest band around, The Lascivious Biddies. The Biddies' ace guitarist, Amanda Monaco, was diagnosed with the disease last year. I'll be walking quite a ways with Amanda, the Biddies, and a whole slew of other people this Sunday in the MS Walk, and it would be really great if emdashes readers helped out. Even five or ten bucks would make a difference, for real. If you can, please kick in a little something—or even a big something—for the valiant, lovely, and tuneful Team Biddy.

If, after you listen to a few of the Biddies' sparkling songs, you want to get even closer to them, I don't blame you. You'll have a swell opportunity at their DVD release party, this Thursday, April 20, at Joe's Pub. Bring some moolah for the MS Walk and they'll be so happy, they might even sing a song just for you.


You know… I am taking donations, and Monday is my birthday…Jesse

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