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Wallace Shawn Made Honorary Fugee

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After a fashion. The always fantastic Go Fug Yourself has some stern words for the Renaissance fellow, who, here, is wearing something he maybe should have left in the '60s. Actually, I don't mind it, because he seems to be wearing it humorously, but I certainly see Jessica's point. She writes (and you'll obviously need to see the picture to appreciate it):

WALLACE SHAWN, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? No! No! Althought I admire the sentiment behind your plea for peace, DON'T WEAR THAT SHIRT WITH A SUIT! No! No! Again, I say no!

And why is this so painful for me? Because I LOVE Wallace Shawn. How can you look at that face and not love this man (albeit not in a Tom Cruise I LOVE THIS WOMAN kind of way, at least not in my experience)? First of all, he was, of course, Mr Hall, the lovable hapless teacher in Clueless -- which, hello, who doesn't love Clueless? It's the first movie I ever walked out of with the reaction, "That was hilarious! I need to go buy some clothes immediately," a reaction which basically informed the rest of my life -- and, then, of course, in The Princess Bride [now out in a special-edition DVD, I notice], he taught us all both never to get involved in a land war in Asia, and, more importantly, to never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line. Those are important life lessons, people. Which is why it is almost INCONCEIVABLE that I have to say something mean about him...but Wally! Oh, Wally. I don't know what Cher Horowitz would have said about this get-up, but I suspect it would not have been super-complimentary.


Heh—you beat me in posting about this one. I hope you don’t mind if I go ahead with it at some point anyway!

Yes, please do! My Wallace Shawn movie-theater encounter is probably my favorite celebrity sighting, because several obsessions (movies, Lost in Translation, Shawn, popcorn) converged into a single moment. Cross the streams!

This IS great … but you know what I love most about Go Fug Yourself? The repeated and positive references to meatball sandwiches and the Sweet Valley High in which Elizabeth come out of that coma and thinks she’s Jessica … I am glad Jessica at Fug has added Wallace Shawn, Clueless and The Princess Bride to the list of things she publically loves.

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