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Map of the Caption Contest Winners

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Oh, David Marc Fischer, you clever thing! Here's the full map, and David's analysis. There are lots of East Coasters, as you might expect, but some Westies, too (that's actually the name for West Coast swing dancers, who may or may not be caption contest winners, but it's a useful term; plus, Westies wear funny outfits to dance in, which is probably also true of many Californians), and a pretty respectable smattering in between. Of course, this map only underscores the grievous truth that Canadians are not allowed to enter. If people in Canada could enter the caption contest, they wouldn't be mixing up explosives, now, would they. They're known to be funnier than us—are we threatened?

While you're revisiting your fuzzy (in whatever sense) memories of caption contests past, pay a visit to some of the winners to whom I've posed incredibly serious questions: T.C. Doyle, Adam Szymkowicz and Szymkowicz again, Drew Dernavich (who is, of course, a New Yorker cartoonist), Evan Butterfield, Jan Richardson, and our very own Roy Futterman.

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