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Mrs. Parker and the June Jamboree

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From our friends at The Dorothy Parker Society (a few links are mine):

June looks to be one of the most jam-packed months of the calendar for the Dorothy Parker Society. We hope you can make it out to one of our events. All are open to the public.

Wednesday, June 7, 8 p.m. is the 39th anniversary of Dorothy Parker's death. We have been toasting her passing with a cocktail party for eight years straight. This year we are moving the party to Elaine's, 1703 2nd Ave. (between 88th and 89th streets). This classic and well-known New York saloon is around the corner from Mrs. Parker's former apartment, as well as Frank Campbell's, where her funeral was held. Elaine's has a book about the place, Everyone Comes to Elaine's. It is a pop-culture Mecca.... Meet us in the bar area, maybe we will have a table too. (Must be 21.)

Friday, June 9, Parker Talk -- Marion Meade and Kevin Fitzpatrick are appearing at the West Side YMCA, 5 West 63rd Street (between Central Park West & Broadway), 8 p.m. to talk about Dorothy Parker. Meade edited the newly revised The Portable Dorothy Parker and will be signing copies. She also wrote the foreword to Kevin's book, A Journey into Dorothy Parker's New York. Both books will be available. The event is FREE and open to the public. The West Side YMCA is the largest of 20 branches of the YMCA of Greater New York, and is the largest free-standing YMCA in the United States. See you there! (Cocktails to follow, of course, location TBD.)

[Here's Kevin's interview with Portable Dorothy Parker editor Marion Meade and with cover genius Seth: "This other cartoonist, Chris Ware, they got to do the cover for Candide. He did it in a comic strip format. I think they were just so excited by what he had done with it that they decided to approach some other cartoonists to see if they could extend it into a small line approach to the (Penguin) Classics stuff.... I have a long-standing interest in the old New Yorker. I think that’s why he picked me to work with Dorothy."]

Algonquin Evening:
Have you heard about the ongoing Vicious Circle lecture series at the Algonquin Hotel? This Monday night series is monthly until the fall. The next one is Monday, June 26, 7 p.m. and it features Kevin Fitzpatrick and his talk "Beyond the Round Table." There were more than 24 members of the Round Table, tonight we will take a step back 80 years and explore who they all were. Find out about the myths, legends and tall tales surrounding them. See rare photos and hear from long-lost letters and memoirs about the most well-known group of New Yorkers that ever assembled. Special Guest is Anthony Adams, the oldest son of Round Table member Franklin P. Adams (F.P.A.). Anthony will participate in the talk. If you want to attend, tickets are $25 each, and all information is here.

Parker News: What's Happening in Baltimore?

The news came out a few weeks ago that the NAACP may vote to move from Baltimore to Washington, D.C. What this could mean for the Dorothy Parker Memorial Garden, and her ashes that are buried there, is unclear. The first newspaper to break the story was the Baltimore Sun. Read the story [by the fine repeat New Yorker chronicler Rob Hiaasen—E.G.] here. We will keep you posted about this developing story, keep checking the News Page. By coincidence, 2007 is the 40th anniversary of Mrs. Parker's death.

Parkerfest September 15-17: Bathtub Gin Ball in the Woolworth Building

The date of our next Parkerfest is Sept. 15-17, 2006. This will be our 8th annual affair, and it promises to be the best one yet. We can now tell you more of the plans, as the special Advance Team has explored the party spot and given it the thumbs-up signal. We're not taking the boat cruise; we will be on dry land in the historic Woolworth Building, the world's first skyscraper and at one time the tallest building in the world. We are having the 8th annual Dorothy Parker Bathtub Gin Ball in the Woolworth Tower Kitchen on Saturday, Sept. 16. More details to follow! And, for the first time ever, on Sunday, Sept. 17, come out with your four-legged friends to the inaugural Dorothy Parker New York Dog Walk, on the Upper West Side's Riverside Park! Open to all Parker fans and their pups! If you want to be on the organizing committee, drop Kevin a line [at kevin AT dorothyparker DOT com]. Here are photos and info of past Parkerfests (be sure to see the photos)...

The necessary book by Dorothy Parker Society founder Kevin Fitzpatrick.

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